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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines—such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Although it’s the search engines that rank your site, We believe that good SEO is a result of initiatives that provide value for those visiting your site. Our client's successes are our team success. Saying that it is exciting when our clients reach the first page of Google is an understatement. We take pride in employing digital marketing tactics that will uphold future search engine updates.
An expired domain is valuable fact to the search engine, especially Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. it has many high-quality metrics like PA, DA, TF, CF, backlinks. Those metrics help to rank a website. We will research expired domain for you with these metrics:

* Domain Authority=20 +     * Page Authority=20+     * Trust follow=15+     * Citation follow=15+
* Spam free= 100%     * Seo friendly     * High page rank     * Right Age
* No foreign article     * No private blog     * branding Domain     * Porn and Gambling free
* Powerful Backlinks= 100%[Root Domain}     * Referring Domain= 10+(root Domain)
* Referring IP is acceptable according to referring domain     * Manually check in the web archive.

So don't waste your valuable time, Order Me
Building a new site? Already have a website? Mini site? Or Authority site? Blogs or Videos?

We will find the BEST Low competition SEO KEYWORDS for your niche, website or business! We'll provide you detail report in excel file. Each column will list:-

* Keywords     * Long Tail Keywords     * Advertiser Competition     * Google Title competition
* Bing Title competition     * Global Searches Per Month     * Local Searches Per Month
* Suggested Bid     *Domain Availability     * Average Keyword competitiveness
You will clearly see the competition strength and clear explanation of the best and most profitable keywords to use.

We'll provide you the best keywords that will assist you in gaining the actual visitors/clients by using the best search terms. Competitors report that this had assisted them in making future business planning and strategies
If you want to rank the 1st page on Google, you will need the right low competitive - high traffic profitable keywords for your niche:
This is the 1st and most important step for SEO. If you don't invest in proper research, all the work afterward, On-page or Off-page SEO will be useless and a big waste of time and $.
The best way to make sure that you are SEO ready to go is to have a detailed competitor report. I will provide-

* competitor analysis     * The top 10 pages of one competitor
* The top keywords and search volume for those pages.     * All their keywords for those pages.
* Top Quality Easy To Read Report     * All keyword difficulty scors (0 - 100)
* Top buyers intent keywords for your site     * A detailed excel sheet provided on Google Docs

You receive all keywords that we find so you know what is best to target and what to avoid, depending on the niche or business this can be between 100 to 500 keywords.

Any kind of Research start from $25, Budget depends according to your requirement.

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Search Engine Optimization Working Process

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a comprehensive F.A.Q. on the topic of SEO. We hope this will help you decide whether this is a valid solution for you. For any other questions not covered here, feel free to send us an email OR contact us via live chat or skype.

1Can you provide me .com domain name as per my niche?
Yes we can provide, Just send me your niche.
2Can you provide expired domain with good DA and PA score ?
3Will be Ranked this Expired domain ?
Yes, 100% it will be ranked.
4Requirement for Keyword Research order?
We will need a keyword from your niche or a description of what you are targeting, or your business URL, or any information you wish to provide. We need to know your target area, We can run either Global search or One Country.
5Why Long tail keywords are good ?
Long-tail keywords = Less Competition Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches, but they’re potentially even more valuable for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns.
6I have no idea what keywords I should go after. Can you do keyword research as well?
Yes, we can. Please order either the STANDARD or PREMIUM Package and we will find the best Keywords to target for your niche or business so you know what is best to target and what to avoid. PLEASE NOTE: we can only accept English language websites for doing the keyword research.
7Can you do full competitors analysis ?
Yes, we do competitor analysis and seo analysis.
8How Meta Play a Major Role in Website to Make It SEO Friendly?
Meta tags are the snippets of the text which describe the content of a page. The Meta tags do not appear on page itself but just in the code of the page. Tags from the blog culture and the Meta tags are almost the same. Very little content descriptors help in telling the search engines.
9Is speed optimization is important for my website?
Yes, speed optimization is very important for any website. it is also ranking factor on the search engine.& user easy to use your website without loading.
10Is ON PAGE SEO important for a website?
Yes, it is an essential thing for a website to grow up and reach organic traffic to boost your website revenue. Without ON PAGE SEO, no website can be ranked with WHITE HAT SEO techniques (If you do not know about white hat SEO you can ask me in the inbox).
1Are your backlinks relevant to the niche ?
Yes, I will create backlinks from sites as much niche relevant as possible.
2Your backlinks is safe?
Yes! My links are created safe way and natural! I use Mixed ancor text: URL name, Branding and Keywords. And Mixed links type: dofollow and nofollow.
3Does this On page & Off page Covers Whole SEO?
Yes, This is an All in One SEO Package which covers all the On-page and Off-page SEO features.
4how much time to take rank a low competition site? and will we do work till the site get ranked in google 1st page?
A low competition site can be take 1 month to 45 days rank in google with good position and yes, we do work continuously till your site get rank in top of google.
5What are the Requirement from the Buyers side?
All you need to give us access to your WordPress or Blogger site. We may also for the access to google search console account when required.
6Why Is My New Site Not Ranking in the Search Engines?
When someone searches for a particular term, and you want your site to be listed for those keywords, the terms must appear somewhere on your page, or the engine will not know your site talks about those things. And those words, to be most effective, must appear in normal text, not in a picture.
7What is the Importance of Google Rankings for Small Businesses?
Google ranks the search results by various factors which include relevance to the search terms, as well as the popularity of the website on the basis of the no. of visitors it’s got. For the small scale businesses, the search rank can be quite crucial.
8Can you provide a sample report?
Please send me a private message or email to discuss. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
9Do you use generic softwares for your clients?
No. We take every work individually and handle it manually with special care as we believe our clients need more attention and are unique.
10I want to ask something I have in my mind?
You can contact me and ask me anything to make your website better I do not charge consultation fees. No problem if you are going to hire me or not.

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