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This is Mohammad Rahat, a full-time Front-End Developer & Search Engine Optimizer, Here I introduce about Freelancer Support Team. We are not skilled by talents but Our continuous learning and striving of last 3 years in Front-End Development & Search Engine Optimization Area made us confident and helped us to take our Front-End Development & Search Engine Optimization knowledge to next level. We became assured concerning our skill-sets after innumerable failures and finance innumerable hours of on learning.

Front-End Development

our specialty is front-end design(PSD to HTML) and development by theme customization. Off course our themes or websites are responsive. We care about every pixel, plugin and immerse ourselves fully in each PSD to HTML and Theme Customization project. Also, We bring ideas to the table so you have more options. These will give you unique and fresh options for your PSD to HTML and Theme Customization project.

Search Engine Optimization

First We learn about your business. Then performing a site audit and researching your target market. Then our team will select the best keyword(s) for your site, taking into account the products and services you offer, target locations (if applicable) and industry competition. Then our team will start on page & off page optimization for rank your website on search engine.

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What if Front-End Development & SEO die ? And what you would do then ?
Front-End Development & SEO will die, only when Google will hire 3.5 Billion Search Engines Raters on all over the world for every possible language. Because, according to InternetLiveStats, 3.5 Billion of searches are happening on Google per day. Front-End Development & SEO will never die if the search engines stay as Robot and the result pages come up based on some algorithms.
Do you personally provide Website Development & SEO services in Bangladesh ?
Yes, we do. Though the local market (Dhaka) has not yet grown enough for Website & SEO; we have had worked with some local clients as well (including some brands like nrdesire, howwebhosting and so on). If you want to talk with us about our service. Contact with us via live chat or email us for more details..
How do you claim you are a Front-End Developer & an SEO expert ?
When you know you are good enough to compete with anybody in your industry; you can call yourself as an expert. As We have been so long in the industry, created numerous websites and ranked them; We can call ourselves an expert. At least, We pretend to be an expert so that We feel confident. We think you got the point.
Why you want to get a Freelance job ?
Becoming a freelancer is an excellent idea for anyone who likes working for themselves. Freelancers can work for multiple employers at a time, sell a variety of marketable skills, and work as much or as little as they want. Sounds ideal, right? If you’re self-motivated, enjoy working in your own environment, and prefer setting your own hours, this could be the perfect work for you. That's why We want to get a Freelance job.

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Meet Our Freelancer Support Team

we are unceasingly learning and honing our skills to stay up with technological changes. we tend to work with the goal of extraordinary client’s expectations. we tend to look after our clients’ success and can facilitate in achieving clients’ goals. we tend to area unit quick and on time. we tend to produce what you dream. Share your dreams with us and see them return to reality!

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