Some Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

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October 2, 2017
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Some Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

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People have decided to choose SEO as one of their main strategies to gain ranking on Google result and attract traffic. After continuing efforts & hard work till many weeks or months, they estimate that people will attract to your website, but unexpectedly they still find the site is not visible on the first page of Google search results. And then they sit and eat their nails of fingers and wonder why we can’t gain the top position in search rank.


But the good news is with enough work and complete focus you can achieve the ranking and traffic as well.  Here are 5 common SEO mistakes that will keep you immovable in the web of search ranking.

1. Not Using Analytics for Conversion Tracking

Analytics is like a compass of your site, they show you that you are going in the right direction or not. If you are not using analytics’ tool then this is the biggest mistake that will harm your site. To make sure that your site is achieving the results you expect, you really need have Google Analytics in position. Google Analytics is a sensation in web analytics field and it can track and can observe a great many sides of your website with no cost. This allows you to determine the weaknesses and strong points of your website, and to set goals so as to track and boost your improvement and success.

2. Not Optimizing for Local Search

If you or your client’s business has a target on a particular service area, it’s necessary that you learn the variation of worldwide and local keywords.  According to Google approx 73% of daily searches are related to local business. Clients turn to local search to learn about the businesses existing in their region and evaluate what companies they would like to do business with. So if you are not optimizing your local searches then you are losing a big part of your business daily.

3. Not Having Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions and Page Titles are very important not only for ranking of the site but many other reasons as well. A unique Page Title & Meta Descriptions helps you a lot when your readers want to share or bookmark your content. Your title tag and meta description should comprise relevant keywords. This helps Google to understand what the page is about and index your web pages accordingly for applicable keywords or keyword phrases.

4. Not Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing right keywords to the target audience for your business can be a game changer for your site. So always make sure that you are optimizing your content the right way, so as to bring the exact visitors to your website with a hope of turning them into business. For example there are two keywords Residential Projects in Delhi NCR & Adani Samsara Gurgaon, now it’s your choice which is your target audience, people who are looking for any projects in Delhi NCR or People who are looking for specific project.

5. Post Poorly Written Content

Post anything without checking is one of the biggest mistakes of SEO. If you post poorly written content with false information then visitors will be turned off of your website.  Having uninteresting, unthoughtful content creates mistrust amongst your visitors, makes your site un-link-worthy and can finally hurt you in search rankings result.

In the last few words, it is very necessary to understand SEO is an ever-changing practice that needs a huge time and ample hard work. So we should beware of the outsource companies who are promising “fast result” and “instant ranking”. This type of practice is only possible by black hat strategies which offer instant result and long time bad effects.

A most important thing to remember is that any strategy in SEO will not work for lifestyle because Google persistently changing its strategies and new competitors emerge all of the time. More outstandingly, visitors also change their behavior about search engines to how they search things & services, so you have to change SEO strategies accordingly.

This is Mohammad Rahat, a full-time Front-End Developer & SEO Expert. I am not skilled by talents but my continuous learning and striving of last 3 years in Front-End Development & Search Engine Optimization Area made me confident and helped me to take my Front-End Development & Search Engine Optimization knowledge to next level.I became assured concerning my skill-sets after innumerable failures and finance innumerable hours of on learning.,

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